Anchor of Hope

Last time we talked, we discussed TRIGGERS. What they are how and how we can begin to change our response and the underlying belief(s) behind them. I was going to continue, but I feel pressed to change course. (Have you notice that living in a global pandemic changes things on you?)

I want to bring up our own negative beliefs, our thoughts, and these patterns that seem to drive home in us a belief system that may or may not be necessarily true. 
Have you heard of FAKE NEWS? LOL! In these last 2 years, I believe these words have proved to be inescapable. I find myself fact checking everyone from what I hear to what I read, especially if it relates to COVID. I find being armed with TRUTH has become paramount.

We all could become journalists (;-))maybe not, but we all have done our share of disseminating, researching information should we need too! But do we do this enough, when it comes to beliefs, words, emotions that we take as “truth” about ourselves?
I invite you to be curious about your own pattern? What do you believe or tell yourself when you have an unmet expectation? When you are afraid, mad, embarrassed, ashamed? What do you do when you feel you have lost control?
As a Christian, our foundation is solid, it is to be a bedrock of LOVE, HOPE, COURAGE, STRENGTH, TENACITY. Yet, for all of who practice, we have to admit at times we let go of this. We believe the fake news of our own weakness.

Paul, in the Bible, says …BUT WE HAVE THIS ANCHOR OF HOPE.
When you have a negative belief, or a negative thought, do you acknowledge your own anchor? Or do you forget and allow that thought, that emotion to take control? I invite you to think about your esteem, your possibilities, your responses, your view of the world, and ask yourself what is your pattern anchored to? Is it anchored with HOPE? Is it anchored to a REAL TRUTH, or partial.

Art, is so therapeutic, I invite you to draw an anchor of hope, or use a word collage or write a poem. So that the next time, a negative belief, thought or emotion arises, you see where your anchor is! And you remind yourself YOU HAVE AN ANCHOR OF HOPE!
Fact check your thought patterns as much as you would the news or a social media post!