Deep Tissue Massage, Relaxation Massage, Reflexology, Maternity Massage

Massage Treatments

Trained and certified in deep tissue, reflexology, Swedish and other massage orientations  and modalities our skilled practitioners await to tailor each massage to your specific area of concern.Passion and compassion are hallmarks of our certified massage workers as we focus on holistic treatment options that will help and assist you. Massage can be a powerful treatment in restoring the body to balance, wholeness and peace. In anxious times, having a massage can be the modern medicine needed to de-stress.

*Currently we do not offer RMT massages.*

Massage treatment room at Palm and Cedar Parksville, BC

Aloha-Lava Shell Massage: Escape to the Hawaiian Islands with our Aloha Lava Shell treatment. Lava Shells are eco-friendly and use a special gel to instantly heat up.

Enter into our treatments rooms that are diffused with essential oils straight from the Hawaiian Islands.

Unwind tense muscles and allow yourself to reconnect and align body, mind and spirit to the spirit of aloha.

Because Lava Shells are made with natural shells, this treatment puts calcium back into the skin—giving you health and an anti-aging treatment.

Lava Shell Massage is great for:

  • Boost circulation of blood and lymph
  • soothe aches and pains
  • reduce swelling and water retention

Special Pricing – 60 mins $115

Deep-Myo Massage: This massage combines deep tissue with the healing massage techniques of myo-therapy. This massage is best suited for those suffering from chronic pain, sciatic, athletes, or those with sports injuries. This is not an RMT massage.


Reflexology Massage: For over 5000 years reflexology has been used to relieve pain and treat the body through acupressure points and mapping the body through an inter-connected approach. In the late 1800’s scientists found that using Reflexology stimulated and healed the nervous system , instantly allow the body to calm, balance and relax.


Maternity Massage: Protecting, Comforting and Aiding you before and after your pregnancy.


Wellness and Calm Massage: This massage combined Ayurvedic (literally science of life), Swedish, and Reflexology to balance and restore the body and mind to rest. Using the very essence of Eastern Massage techniques this massage works to ground and de-stress the body from the soles of your feet to the top of your head. Ayurvedic massage focuses on the power of essential oils and oils to restore balance, while reflexology focuses on acupressure points to relax and aid the nervous system, the organs and the muscles. Swedish massage uses long, soothing strokes to increase oxygen and health to the muscles.


Enhance Your Massage Treatment

Dry Body Brush: Stimulate the lymphatic system and prep the body for detox. It also is great for stimulating the skin , and boost your immune system.


Paraffin Wax: A deep hydrating treatment for hands or feet.


Indian Head Massage: An Ayurvedic technique that takes the inspiration of the connection between mind and body to whole new level. Treating specific points along the scalp, head and neck, Indian Head Massage promotes relaxation and oxygenation throughout the body.


Reflexology: ground yourself with our express reflexology treatment.