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Before and After PLLA topical filler

It used to be that skin rejuvenation was achieved through traditional invasive procedures like lasers, injectables filler (SCULPTRA or Juvederm) and botox. These are great quick fix solutions for troubled spots, but they can be costly to maintain and are not a permanent solution.  Today through TOV Medical Aesthetics in Korea, we can offer a topical buildable- long lasting treatments through topical Poly-L-Lactic Acid, giving your face the volume enhancement, collagen building to reduce the signs of aging.

Poly-L-Lactic Acid (PLLA) was first used as an injectable under the name Scultra®, it has also been used in sutures for surgical treatments (for heart surgery). PLLA entered the market in 2004 as an effective treatment for facial fat loss for HIV patients, now this same ingredient is available as a topical application, giving you volume and Neocollagenesis.

This is not a quick fix, but because it is a high quality PLLA, it is bio compatible and builds over time through the hair follicle, given you impressive results over time.

As we continue to find the best non-invasive treatment to reverse aging and increase longevity to the skin we have discovered Poly-L-Lactic Acid has been proven to positively impact fat pads, facial ligaments, muscle, and skin in a more complex way than simply filling wrinkles and plumping line.

“It is one of the most effective topical ingredients for stimulating collagen production, adding volume and thickening the dermis.”

Christine Byer (Medical Aesthetician) (02/2021)


TOV Medical Aesthetics is the premier Korean Skin Care formulator and manufacturer of the world-renowned Sculplla H2, HOP+ HOUSE OF PLLA® (Topical Filler line) & HEVATOX® (Topical Neuro-toxin line)

For the past decade, TOV have continued to deliver cutting-edge products utilizing unique and innovative technologies that drive powerful ingredients into the skin without injections. No downtime and results-driven protocols, products, and devices make them a fave of estheticians and med spas worldwide.

Needle-free facial filler by House of PLLA

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