Facials in Parksville, BC

Facial Treatments

Skin-inspirations featuring Ilike Organic Skin Care (hand harvested, sustainable, certified organic) and Skin Scripts (Clinic grade formulated line designed to treat, correct and protect the skin).

Skin Script Skincare Skin care products are made with the newest technology and ingredients. Skin Script Skincare uses only dermatologist approved materials in their product line, so you can be sure that your skin is getting a safe treatment every time!

Skin Script Skincare was created by a team of dermatologists, chemists and product developers with many years in skin care research and development experience! Skin Script Skin Care is chirally formulated. Having your ingredients formulated with chiral correction means the ingredients have been purified at the molecular level, which increases the communication of each bond on the skin structure. This improves the penetration level, and also reduces the chance of adverse skin reactions. Chirally correct ingredients change the way our body absorbs the products, increases cellular communication at the molecular level, giving you a far more effective product that literally will transform your skin.

60 years ago, celebrity facialist and herbalist Molnar Danielne, a.k.a. Aunt Ilike, created ilike organic skin care using herbal remedies from her grandmother. A winner of many awards for her professional grade products and community outreach. The extensive line of ilike organic skin care products provides  specific products designed and formulated to treat a variety of skin types and needs using non-GMO, organic plants and herbs. (Ilike Organic Skin care can treat: hyperpigmentation, sensitive skin, redness, acne, rejuvenating and firming, dryness)

The philosophy behind this organic skin care brand is: “mother nature knows what her children need”.

Experience the difference between Extracts and Pulp.

Treating or correcting a skin care concern, we recommend a facial every 4-6 weeks. Just need to maintain your glow, we recommend a facial every 8 to 12 weeks.

NEW!! Kukui “Tree Of Life” Facial:  An Exclusive Light/Life filled facial featuring the power of Kukui, Jackfruit, Plumeria and Orchids. Featuring: brightening, anti-inflammatory, healing and moisturizing ingredients. Tingle Factor: 4, warming to the skin.


Restore Facial:  Your skin barrier is your skin’s first line of defence. This facial focuses on restoring the lipid barrier, balancing the ph of the skin and helping to aid to strengthen the skin. With a restored barrier the first step in skin communication has been achieve and allows the ingredients to penetrate and transform your skin.


Brighten Facial:  UV damage accounts for 90% of aging of the skin. This facial focuses on using vitamin C, lactic acid, and other gentle fruit and plant acids to brighten the skin’s appearance and to enhance the protection against free radicals and UV damage. Restore your glow.


Rejuvenate and Lift Facial: Taking the power of stem cells, the latest in clean EFG and skin builder enhancements, this facial brings definition and glow back to the skin. Special glycol-proteins are used to give the skin its youthful glow back.


Bespoke Facials

Everyone desires a facial that is specifically tailored to their skin concerns. Each bespoke treatment begins with a skin consultation and a tailored facial is created just for YOU!

Bespoke Express:


Bespoke Deluxe: