Nano Infusion Treatments

Nano Infusion Lunch Time Facial: This treatment focuses on restoring, lifting and toning your face. Includes Cleanse, Exfoliate, Treat, Protect. Treatment peptides include our toning peptide serum, which is literally like botox in bottle! When used with home care, it can literally extend the life of your injections. Includes one customized peptide serum.
and our intense Rejuvenating cream. Viktoria DeAnn’s Rejuvenator series contains advance RNF-1 peptide supports proper cell turnover, returning skin to a correct level. Rejuvenator promotes the appearance of thicker, healthier, more youthful-looking skin. Formulated in three strengths, to accommodate various levels of skin health.

30 min. – $150

Package of 4 – $500

Nano Dermal Corrective Facial:  This intense treatment is for those who are targeting multiple skin corrections. This facial treatment includes: double cleanse, toning, tailored clinical-grade peel, nano-infusion treatment, complex peptide treatment, nano-mask, deep hydration and sunscreen.

These powerful products employ Active Natural Biological Peptide Messengers which are beneficial to the health, repair, and rejuvenation of the skin.

Peptides work in harmony with the body to regenerate cellular communication. This communication is proven to be a key component in healthy, ageless, and beautiful skin.

Working as the body’s cellular messengers, peptides relay information for the initiation of processes such as repair and remodelling. This translates to collagen regeneration, healthy cellular metabolism, reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, lifted skin, improved texture, increased smoothness, and more clarified skin.

75 mins. – $225

Package of 4 – $800

Nano Infusion Enhancements

Décolleté or Neck: Elastin fibres give skin shape after stretching or contracting. PEPTI-elastin combats the lack of pliancy and resiliency that occurs with age. This unique peptide works with the natural functions of the skin to support skin structure. We also include our Pro Col Peptide cocktail to strengthen and firm the skin, in addition to the Tone and Lift.


Hands: Not only do we recommend our Lift and Tone treatment for hands. We have a specific formulated professional peptide that specifically targets collagen fibres to provide structural support to skin (the amazing collagen VII). With age, skin gradually loses collagen, leaving remaining collagen open to damage by free radicals and environmental factors. It helps strengthen and rejuvenate skin, making it excellent for use on the face, neck and hand.


Peptide Cocktail: Includes 3 or more peptides to specifically target: hollowness, loss of elasticity, strengthen the skin all in one treatment. Keep in mind we advocate penetration, so each peptide cocktail needs to connect to the correct messenger before we add our next target treatment layer.


Nano Mask: The ultimate in plump, intensely hydrated skin. The bio-cellulose mask that uses the latest scientific advances in nanotechnology. The bio-cellulose structure with hyaluronic acid adheres perfectly to the skin to deliver intense hydration. The gradient pressure delivery system with nano-needle—like fibrils optimizes penetration of peptides and nutrients while soothing skin post treatment.


De-Puff Eyes: Award-winning eye serum is formulated with proprietary UET-3 peptides to brighten and firm the delicate skin around the eyes. It replenishes, hydrates and dramatically diminishes the appearance of wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness around the eyes.

Ideal for dark circles, puffy or baggy under eyes, aging, fine lines, and wrinkles.