Which Should I Do?

Microneedling vs. Nano Needling

At Palm and Cedar Wellness Clinic, we are passionate about effective, non-invasive skin treatments, that restore the natural regulatory process of the skin. We believe that when the skin is over exposed to ablative and invasive techniques that promote an inflammatory response, the skin becomes conditioned over time to the product being used and the risk of the skin rejecting or developing an allergy greatly increases with re-occurring treatments. Aging occurs when the skin’s natural communication process slows down or is interfered with by damage. We believe that restoring the skin’s natural communication process, is the safest and most effective way to treat the skin. As science continues to inform us, the new trend in skin care will be to move away from inflammatory causing treatments, and into the restoration of epidermal communication via trans-dermal infusion. The goal of professional skin care products is to create a compatible, synergistic relationship with the skin’s biology and create a “readily accepted transmission of nutrients, peptides, vitamins, minerals, along with a maintenance of the skin’s barrier (to keep all that good stuff inside). We know that if the body is struggling with inflammation, we know that all the resources of the body go towards that point. Health goals are to subdue the bodies inflammatory response as quickly as possible and restore the skin to a normal self-regulating organ.

The Difference Between a Micro Needle Tip and the Nano Needle Tip

The difference between a microneedle tip and a nano needle tip.

The benefits of this serum infusion treatment include pigmentation reduction, increased cell turnover, an increase in lift and tone, and an immediate glow with no downtime!

The after-effects of micro-needling usually include some redness in the treatment area that resembles a sunburn and fades in about 24-hours. Micro-needling has roughly a 3-day healing period, which includes the avoidance of any sweat-inducing activities for the first two days and no sun or make-up for three days (it is not pretty when you mix salt sweat when your skin is healing from a micro-needling treatment). With nano-needling, you can immediately resume your normal activities (and don’t forget the sunscreen!) with no recovery time. Another major difference between the two techniques is that nano-needling requires no numbing of the skin while micro-needling does. This makes nano-needling an excellent alternative for those with an allergy to lidocaine or with a dislike of needles. The sensation of nano-needling is very much like being licked by a cat, or much like the feeling of a microdermabrasion treatment if you’ve experienced that before. It’s gentle and painless.

Due to to the risk of post-traumatic hyperpigmentation, micro-needling is often not recommended for clients with deep skin tones, however nano-needling is completely safe for all skin tones since the stylus has no needles and requires no healing after the procedure. All you’ll see is the radiant glow of newly revealed, healthy skin.

Nano-needling uses an array of microscopic pyramid topped pins to separate the cells within the epidermis to allow active products to be pushed into the skin without puncturing the skin. This means no needles are used, no down time is required, the treatment is safe for all skin tones, and you will see spectacular results! This treatment is great for a wide variety of skin types and treats a great array of common concerns. It is a powerful tool to help your skin look its best!