A Road Map for Mental Health Therapy

Clinical Counselling

The sound of therapy can be intimidating and unsettling. Let us out you at ease and you can decide if this is the door you want to open. At Palm and Cedar Wellness Clinic our therapists are trained in Somatic Attachment Focused EMDR to treat: anxiety, depression, life/career transitions, and trauma.
The counselling process

1. Free 15 Minute Consultation

Call us for a free 15 min complimentary consultation via phone or tele-mental health video. Our video services are PIPA and HIPPA compliant. This is where you can decide if we are the right fit for you and your needs.

2. Book an Intake

Second, if this is the right and safe place for you book an intake. Intakes are where we get to know you. We want to learn about you, your history, medical information, family information. Confidentiality is of the utmost, and your intake will review how your confidentiality and privacy are regulated by the BCACC (BC Association of Clinical Counselling) and CCPA ( Canadian Counselling Psychotherapy Association) This way, you and your therapist begin on the same page. At the end of the intake, we want to establish the goals of therapy. These goals are going to be achievable and unique to you. We will also set a plan that is tailored to you. Grief knows no limits and everyone needs different timings. At the end of your intake, you will leave with a plan that is committed to achieving your goals.

3. Your First Session

Then comes your first session. You did it! You have begun a journey. You are not alone. The process begins. Every client’s session will look differently. Each session will begin with a follow-up and then processing through the obstacles that have kept part of you back or from progressing to where you want to be. Each session will be designed with you at the heart of it. Palm and Cedar Wellness Clinic is a Christ centred counselling centre as we look to His Love, His Hope, His Courage and His Peace to help us navigate the unexpected or stormy seas in our minds and hearts. You can choose to incorporate this spirituality into your therapy, or choose not to.  We all have travelled through dark places, encountered tears to our hearts, had fear encroach and paralyze aspects of ourselves. At Palm and Cedar Wellness Clinic we want to journey these places with you and reveal the radiance within.

Counselling is a partnership. It requires work and commitment, some session will have “homework” This is to promote your way to goals. An image of a race comes to mind, we race inside our work, our homes, but counselling is where a cup of cold water is given and we find better ways to train, so the race be finished well.

4. Finishing Well

Life is a journey we keep moving forward in healthier and deeper ways. But once your goal or goals are achieved, we want to do follow up. To ensure you are confident and have the necessary support you need. This session is where we review the accomplishments and leave off with an open door.