Welcome to Palm and Cedar Parksville.

Wholly Devoted to Inner and Outward Beauty

Palm & Cedar Wellness Clinic

Specializing in: Clinical Counselling, Medical Aesthetics (Non-invasive) and Aesthetics

We hope that Palm and Cedar Wellness Clinic, becomes your safe haven and rest for beauty, wellness and healing. We are wholly devoted to inner and outward beauty. We specialize in clean beauty that is backed by science. Our non-invasive treatment have no down time, but deliver the results  that transform the skin naturally. We desire that all of our treatments give you the inspiration of luxury, results and that wonderful feeling of a tropical getaway. Our Clinical Counselling service brings out our Cedar side as we celebrate the inner strength, resilience and healing that these trees have given our Island. We trust that Palm and Cedar becomes a safe and holistic wellness place for you.

Our staff are trained and have  40 years of combined experience working in their select fields.

Palm and Cedar Wellness Clinic—-wholly devoted to inner and outward beauty.

Pedicure chairs Palm and Cedar Parksville

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