Mental Health Therapy

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We desire to create an atmosphere of trust, comfort, peace and hope. Once you decide  that Palm and Cedar Wellness Clinic is the safe place for you, the work begins. Sometimes our fears, our past, our emotions, can hold us back. And while the days move forward our own growth can get stuck or stagnated. We can stay with the same patterns that are not working, we can even experience a biological change that can leave us feeling unsettled and not “us”.  This is how trauma depression, anxiety, fear, and loss can get in and they can bear weight in our lives. At Palm and Cedar we will walk and work with you, help facilitate achievable goals that are true to YOU: your personality, your goals, your future, your choice.

We called our business Palm and Cedar for a few reasons. One, we want to be a place of refreshment, we want to be the oasis for you. Two, cedar wood is a healing wood. It detoxifies, protects and heals. A place of a refreshment, rejuvenation, but at the centre of our business, a place of healing.



– Alex Myles

At Palm and Cedar Wellness Clinic we are trained in S.A.F.E EMDR (Somatic Attachment Focused EMDR). EMDR was created by Francine Shapiro in the 1970’s, since then EMDR has become a beacon of hope for those who couldn’t get breakthroughs via traditional therapy means. EMDR has been empirically verified for use across the DMS V spectrum. At Palm and Cedar Wellness Clinic we use the S.A.F.E EMDR modality as it stresses safety, nonviolence and mindfulness. EMDR has been used successfully to treat trauma, complex trauma, anxiety, depression and other life transitions.

Attachment patterns are used to assess your strengths and see what is strongly developed in you. Somatic exercises are used to emphasis safety, nonviolence and to increase your brain, mind and body’s window of tolerance. As clients become more aware of the integral part the body-mind-spirit connection, the more they can create and use safe approaches to accomplish their goals.

EMDR uses eye movement patterns and memories, based on years of neuroscience EMDR continues to be the number one treatment to assist in euro-growth, transitions and restore and build up your nervous system. EMDR  helps our brains process trauma in a healthy way, rather than allow the trauma cycle to continue to dictate our responses in certain situations. It also gives clients the freedom to create a new pathway in the brain, that keeps them safe and progressing. We are members of EMDRIA and EMDR Canada.