Before and After Care

Preparing for a PLLA Treatment

Before and after care. Facial filler preparation.

We find that PLLA is a water loving ingredient, so come hydrated. When it comes to preparing for this facial treatment, we find less is more.

3 Days prior To Your Facial Filler Treatment

  • No waxing or shaving (we need the hair follicle intact as this is the delivery method)
  • No sun tanning or tanning 3 days prior
  • No use of retinoids 3 days prior
  • No harsh chemicals or a harsh exfoliation
  • No Microdermabrasion prior to treatment
  • No Chemical Peel Prior to Treatment

AFTER Treatment

Not all results are instant Neocollagenesisus. Some clients see an immediate plumping and lift. Most client see the change around day 7. PLLA is a slower bloomer in the skin. There are no known contraindications to topical PLLA. PLLA is a continuous builder in the skin, which is why we recommend a series. PLLA will continue to build within the skin to plump and visibly lift and firm the skin as long as no harsh treatments are used at home or professionally.

While you will see results after the first treatment, the mask takes time to build up in the hair follicles of your face. The results are cumulative. Each time you get a treatment more is deposited into the follicle to stimulate your skin to produce more collagen and help with fat pad restoration. We suggest the series of  five treatments for clients over the age of 40, one per week or once every 2 weeks  for five consecutive week. A series of 3 is great to start and build from there if need, or if you are age 20 to 30 3 is perfect!

PLLA is a water loving ingredient, it is best to know that the skin will experience Trans Epidermal Water Loss for 3 days after treatment. We find 7 to 8 sprays per day of our HOP PLLA Stem Cell Mist is a great cure and remedy for this. Because PLLA loves water, and it is being transmitted to the dermis through the hair follicle, it takes 24 hours for the PLLA to drop down.

We also cannot say enough about CAVIPLLA, a true oxygenating product that is 40% active PLLA. We call CAVIPLLA this sister to HOP PLLA treatments for its cult like status among K-Beauty followers and for the results that follow! It also is one of the funnest serums to works with.. wait for the bubbles!

  • Do no exfoliate or rub roughly with a washcloth for 3 days !
  • Do not cleanse your face for 24 hours, this is the only time you get to not wash your face the next day after treatment!
  • Do replenish your skin with HOP PLLA Stem Cell Mist 7-8 times per day for the following 3 days

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