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Welcome to Palm and Cedar’s eTherapy or online therapy. We are so excited to offer this Tele Health service that gives you flexibility, convenience, discretion, comfort and accountability.

Before you begin your journey, take some time and read through some of our FAQ’s. We look forward to meeting and working with you to help you connect, grow, learn and be empowered in our new TeleMental Health Service Platform.

What is eTherapy?

This is an online therapeutic offering between client and a licensed counsellor over virtual platforms (text or video) It come under the heading TeleMental Health or TeleHealth services. Today many of our Health Services can be accessed online, this is adding to another option for you. To help make access more accessible and flexible.

Is eTherapy Right For Me?

eTherapy is not for everyone. You need to feel comfortable using different technologies, have access to hi speed wifi. Feel confident in your own environment, while giving yourself a safe place to share and learn. eTherapy clients needs to be comfortable using video and written expression to convey their thoughts and problems.

This form of therapy is ideal for those who need a flexible schedule, as we can offer this in the day or night time. Recent studies have shown that eTherapy is flexible, convenient, comfortable and can give the client a higher accountability.

Are There Limitations to eTherapy?

There are limitations to any therapy. In eTherapy there are specific limitations you need to be aware of:

Limits of physical expression,
Video therapy usually shows the face and upper body, limiting full expression of non-verbal communication; body language is an important communication factor in all our daily communication. Text based therapy does not have any verbal cues, but can use emoji’s and punctuation. Therefore online or e-Therapy is well suited for those who can use written expression to convey thoughts, beliefs and emotions clearly.

Limits of Technology
Sometimes technology can fail, we have developed specific policies to deal with this, but it is something to consider. eTherapy has many advantages, however, you must be comfortable and in safe place, so you feel your privacy is not interrupted. Oft times, through text based messages or emails, there can be a delay in transmission. Again, we have policies in place to protect you, but it is a limitation to be aware of. Text based therapy cannot guarantee full confidentiality as multiple servers can be used. We mitigate this factor by using a webmail based platform, which uses only 1 server. This reduces the risk, but some emails may not be received or sent.

Is eTherapy Valid?

Numerous studies have been done since 1995 proving that for some eTherapy is just as effective, if not more than traditional face-to-face counselling. The same guidelines apply, the willingness to show up for your appointments and the continuance of therapy can determine the success of each appointment. eTherapy has been empirically verified to successful treat for anxiety, depression, weight loss, OCD, those wanting to process hidden trauma, those who need deeper accountability and those that would like educational parenting guidelines and assistance.

Everyone’s situation is unique. If you are needing a flexible, convenient therapeutic session to assist in achieving your goals, or to increase your accountability we encourage you try eTherapy.

Valid and Proven Theoretical Frameworks for eTherapy
eTherapy uses Solution Focused , CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) Metacognitive and Narrative theories.

Here at Palm and Cedar LLP, we implement the use of the C.A.R.E method in our eTherapy sessions along with Solution Focused and CBT exercises.

How Does an eTherapy Session Begin?

Step 1 begins with you booking a free consultation to see if our RCC’s are the right fit for you. This usually last between 10 and 20 minutes.

Step 2 Booking your Appointment Online. Click here, or send us an email at to inquire for more information or call us at 250-927-3191.

Once you select your preferred time and date, you will be sent an Informed Consent and an Intake form to be completed ONLINE BEFORE you begin. These forms review the benefits and limitation of eTherapy and they also help us know how to assist you better.

You will choose your preferred technology Palm and Cedar offers: Video, Text or Email or a combination. Note: Text, therapy will be done through a chat session via video link, the video link will be disabled once the session begins. On your appointment it will still show the video icon) Our appointments are HIPPA and PIPPA compliant. When your forms are filled and it the day of your session; you will be emailed or sent text with a link to a secure, encrypted platform. Once in, your will be asked to be present in our online virtual waiting room, when your therapist is ready, they will invite you into the session. Email sessions will begin with a brief introduction and open ended questions.

How Does Payment Work?

Once you have booked your session a valid Credit Card will be required. A 50% deposit will be taken and the rest will be invoiced at the end of the session. Your invoice will contain the licensed number for you to submit to your extended health plan or ICBC or Worksafe. It is recommended that you check with your health plan provider to verify they accept eTherapy from a licensed counsellor.


eTherapy Essentials’ training course: Online Counselling Fundamentals

Concerns and Notices

Online counsellors cannot respond to crisis situation. Since online therapists are distant from the client, it is difficult to respond quickly and effectively when a crisis happens.

If a client is experiencing suicidal thoughts, psychosis, or has suffered an acute personal tragedy, somatic disorders or needs a psychological assessment or testing it can be difficult or even impossible for the therapist to provide direct assistance.

Should you or someone else be in a crisis or any other danger, please don’t use this site. Call 911, if you need immediate help.

If you would like to find a qualified therapist in your area to assist you click here:

Personal information can only be used for the purposes for which it was collected. If an organization is going to use it for another purpose, they must obtain consent again. Personal information must be protected by appropriate safeguards. – Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, 2019


Should you or someone else be in a crisis or any other danger, please don’t use this site. Call 911, if you need immediate help.