Let’s taking Growing and Aging Gracefully. At Palm and Cedar Wellness Clinic, we are passionate about treating the skin with integrity and we refuse to use painful and inflammatory processes! Why? Because our organs were made to fight inflammation. Over time anything that creates an inflammatory response will eventually lead to the organ rejecting the serum or leave the cells in a dis-organized structure.

Before we dive in, let’s separate anti-aging treatments, into 2 protocols.

  1. Bottom- Up Communication
  2. Top- Down Communication.  

Top-Down, is the epidermis going up through the 5 layers of itself and begins with a knock on the dermis’s door and then up through each layer! This is how our skin naturally communicates, but as we age, this system slows right down and due to damage, injury, UV/UVB exposure, inflammation the skin’s communication begins to break down and the epidermis can no longer be adequately fed or given the right nutrients to function. Leading to UV damage, disorganized collagen, slow wound response, increase in melanocyte production and inflammation. And a weakened dermis.

Bottom-Up communication is the bottom (dermis) being restored with tight collagen and elastin. This later communication is pretty much the way we have been treating laxity and wrinkles. Whether through laser, radio-frequency, injections. These treatments reinvigorate the dermis by wounding the collagen to have it contract and then replicate. As we age our dermis, begins to lose the strength of its collagen and elastin foundation.  Hyaluronic Acid also begins to be depleted rapidly. It is through HA that our messengers within the tissue communicate.

Pelleve, is a safe, oncology approved treatment for skin tightening, we also know that this form of radio frequency DOES NOT cause fat loss in the face. This is a great treatment beginning for those who are aged between 25 and 65 who are looking to give strength back to the dermis.

But once the dermis is strong, the skin and our DNA are already set to work against our skin transformations, making us keep up the treatments on a yearly basis as the collagen and elastin still receive a signal from damaged DNA. BUT NOW we can get to the exciting part of Viktoria DeAnne’s breakthrough peptide formulations that will restore the skin’s Top-Down communications, yielding cumulative results!

Viktoria DeAnne’s award winning peptides are made in the USA and use USP grade ingredients, this purity meets or exceeds the United States Pharmacopeia which is the standard for drug or medical use. Viktoria DeAnne is a pharmaceutical grade peptide treatment that has withstood the test of science, and client success and satisfaction. Viktoria DeAnne, creates peptides that will actually restore health at the cellular level. Don’t want a Botox injections? Viktoria DeAnne has a peptide that acts the same way over time, it relaxes the facial expression muscles, yielding a softer result. By creating targeted peptides, you can now reverse and restore the health of your skin by years. By send the right, healthy messages to the right cell!

Our new Nano-infusion service can treat and correct: hyperpigmentation, sun damage, acne, cystic acne, psoriasis, surgical scars, anti-aging corrections. With over 126 targeted peptide chains, you will see the skin’s health be restored naturally and non-invasively.

The Express Treatment, or Lunch Time treatment includes 3 peptide combination to target a specific area. Our corrective facials can treat multiple skin issues using up to 10 peptide combinations.

The best results can be seen with home-care treatment, and once a month professional treatments.

As add-on, we cannot speak enough about the results of our Innovative Nano Mask! Viktoria DeAnne have one awards consistently since 2018 leading up to LNE’s award for best skin rejuvenation treatment in 2021.