Treating Rosacea Effectively

For my 10 years of working in the skin care industry in Parksville, BC and on Vancouver Island, addressing Rosacea concerns has been a constant request I receive from my clients and guests. I have seen rosacea in all 4 stages and treatment has always begun with restoring the barrier. I started off advocating for facials to use gentle products, leaning more towards a raw, organic line to now in my facial treatment regimes, I have incorporated organic, clinical and pharmaceutical peptides, as used in our nano infusion facials. These products are delivering results that are changing client’s skin! This is the goal of all medical aesthetic facial treatments. A typical facial will treat and maintain barrier health. With nano-infusion facials, we can treat the dermis and change and strengthen the structure of the skin. This is truly re-defining a rosacea treatment as not just anti-inflammatory but now corrective treatment exists, especially as seen in our nano-infusion facials.

Previously in facials or skin care product recommendation, rosacea could be calmed, but not cured. Now, we can deliver safe, natural, bio-active peptides in our products that can treat the skin barrier and repair it. The peptides are not skin care they are the replicas of the skin original communication line. This is what allows the skin to repair, recover and correct.

So what is rosacea and how can peptides help?

Rosacea is a progressive vascular disorder that affects over 3 million Canadians. It can begin with mild flushing in the cheek area and progress to vascular abnormalities and skin structure damage. Oft times, rosacea clients simultaneously deal with sensitive skin. Sensitive skin comes because the barrier is broken, thinned or thickened. Broken capillaries is a term that is used to describe the dilated blood vessels seen in stage 2 rosacea. It is an incorrect term, because what it is showing is that the skin has lost its skin barrier function and that it is so thinned out, that one can see the capillaries (which are not broken).

But there is HOPE that the integrity of the skin can be repaired and renewed when it comes to those suffering from rosacea with the use of our bioactive, pharmaceutical grade peptides. We use these same peptides to treat hyperpigmentation, rosacea, acne, wrinkles, and generally achieve clinically significant results!

For those with rosacea a nano infusion treatments with home care can create a strong skin barrier, so that those capillaries and blood vessels remain hidden! The key is bio-active peptides that are able to penetrate the epidermis and form the correct protein synthesis to communicate the right code to the cell! It is science that has transformed skin health in the last 10 years.

Viktoria Deann, is a pharmaceutical-grade peptide engineer. They are not a skin care product and they are passionate about restoring the skin NATURAL communication to correct and heal the skin. 

So how does this work? I am glad you asked. Let’s dive into a brief peptide synopsis and how they work in our clinically verified nano infusion facial treatments.

Peptides are the chief communicator, they join together or are formulated to join together to make an amnio acid. The amino acid then binds together to form a protein, this protein then energizes the cell to perform a specific function based on the coding.

Peptides allow the skin’s cellular function and skin renewal cycle to become optimized and renewed, which replaces the upper thick dead skin cells. Rejuvenation of the dermis helps to renew and smooth the skin’s surface. Renewal of the stratum corneum also helps reduce the appearance of uneven pigmentation and freckles, while healthy Collagen and Elastin promote firm, youthful skin. It was once thought that DNA damage could not be reversed, but through bio-active peptides, it has now been proven that DNA damage can be reversed, by putting the correct proteins together to change cellular metabolism levels.

If you need to read one thing: Peptides have been proven to REVERSE damage caused to the cellular matrix and within the cell itself.

“Internal cellular communication was once thought to be one way: in which DNA dictated to the subordinate cell.”

Recent discoveries reveal that internal cellular communication is happening in both directions.

As the body’s cellular health increases, the DNA’s chronological clock can be slowed or reversed to an earlier set point. This can be reflected in the health and well-being of an individual’s skin.

Therefore, if peptides assist in positively affecting the communication system within our bodies, it may positively restructure the DNA, which positively impacts the health of the cells, tissues and skin of the individual. It is a beautiful system of reciprocal communication. Not only your DNA, but your skin is also continuously restructuring and changing.”  Susan Wade, MS, LE, Viktoria De Ann Peptide Cosmeceuticals.
This lets you know that while Rosacea is not curable, it is possible to reverse the damage caused by the disease. There are 4 stages of Rosacea, but this does not mean that you will eventually move into all 4. Some people remain in a stage for a lengthy period of time. All stages of rosacea can be exacerbated and go into remission. There is no set cycle for rosacea.
At Palm and Cedar Wellness Clinic, here in Parksville, BC we have put together our:
Treatment recommendations—  For achieving clinical results for those with Rosacea. Using our Bio Active Peptides in our nano infusion facials and our at home care treatment regime only.
Incorporating Bio-Active Peptides into your regime to heal and re-define your skin.
Nutrition and environmental factors can also contribute to rosacea stages, but I am not addressing these in this blog.*

All our Peptides that we use in our nano infusion facials are made in a Pharmaceutical lab in the United States, it is regulated and inspected by the US Pharmacological Lab under the FDA. All the peptides here are bio active. Peptides when applying to your skin will feel like water. It is extremely important that these peptides be given time to transverse the skin barrier, each one has a unique delivery system that allows it to transcend the epidermis. Never layer your peptides and always let the skin fully dry.

Your aesthetician or skin care specialist, will write down the specific treatment regime as peptides must be applied from lights to heaviest. The heaviest peptide in our body is elastin. Side note— our peptide to formulate new elastin significantly begins to diminish at the age of 42! We recommend to begin an anti-aging regime at 30. With our Lift Kit, which include Lift, Tone (Botox in a bottle) Eye Serum (top award winning serum) and the Rejuvenator.

Recommended Routine for AM and PM

  1. Cleanse: We love SkinScript Pomegranate Cleanser or Ilike Rose Petal Cleanser (both are formulated for sensitive and inflamed skin)

2. OPTIONAL Exfoliate: While I advocate against exfoliating too often, when you have rosacea using a weekly exfoliate that has skin strengthening components is crucial. The only products that I have found to stand this litmus test is the Ilike Sulphuric Exfoliator (gentle, but formulated to wound heal and reduce inflammation) and Viktoria Deann Lactic Acid and Collagen Peel (this peel is self neutralizing) For Rosacea depending on the severity we recommend exfoliation with Sulphuric 2 to 3 x times per week.

3. Tone: Our Cucumber Toner is superb and amazing in its advances against TEWS (trans epidermal water loss)

Allow skin to fully dry and then apply your peptides. Peptides take 90 seconds to be fully delivered to their appropriate receptor.

4. Pepti-Repair: Vascularity can be initiated from injury to the skin matrix. Repair’s goals is to aid the skin in proper repair cycle. Repairing the skin correctly can help the body recognize that over vascularization is not necessary as the skin is successfully healed. This messenger specifically targets the skin’s dermal matrix and rebuilds it.

 5. Pepti-Pro Col: helps to stimulate collagen and fibrils on skin. Clients with rosacea often lack the proper balance of structural components to give the skin its integrity. Pepti-Pro Col  gives anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to the skin along with a vaso-restrictor used to reduce redness and puffiness

 6. Rejuvenator: Our peptide rejuvenators are formulated with the same components as mitochondria that power house the cell’s energy. At some point this energy runs out, just like a dead battery. Rejuvenator reestablishes a corrected/optimal epidermal thickness which will help reduce the visibility of capillaries and allow the skin’s messenger to thicken or thin the skin to cease, once regulation is restored. It is very important that if you have rosacea you begin with a Mild or Medium Rejuvenator and gradually build up to the Ultra rejuvenator.  A strong skin barrier is reflected in the strength of the dermis.

7. Serum and Hydrate

Over time, you will notice you will need less serums and moisturizers because peptides naturally repair the barrier and keep your hydration levels up, unless of course you are not drinking your water 🙂

For facial treatments, if you are in stage 1 of rosacea, we believe a nano infusion treatment every 8 weeks is all that is necessary

If you are in stage 2 or 3 of rosacea a focused facial every 4-6 weeks is recommended. And remember if you consecutively book you save $25.00!!!


Information in the blog has been sources from Viktoria Deann Laboratories, And Susan Wade, MS, LE, Viktoria De Ann Peptide Cosmeceuticals,

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